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Boards and Staff rate their organization....

  • As only "somewhat confident" to be completely effective in fundraising.
  • Why? lack of knowledge and training.
  • And, having a clear message that resonates with stakeholders and engages them in the mission of the organization. 

Set Your Organization Up For Success

If you need board development and training, help accomplishing your fundraising goals, or crafting a compelling message, I can help.

As a nonprofit professional with more than 15 years of experience, and an education in Nonprofit Management, my background includes fulfilling roles of: Executive Director, Development Director, and Consultant.

In addition, I am a Certified Direct Response Copywriter and have written more than 100,000 pieces of marketing copy, grants, and fundraising plans. 

Raving Results

If your nonprofit organization could achieve its goals and feel more confident going forward, would it be worth a conversation?

Let’s schedule a discovery call to see if you could get the results you are hoping for by working with me. Absolutely Free. No Obligation.


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