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 Would you like content that converts?

 Did you know.....?

Small business owners spend 33 hours per week on marketing. Why not outsource so you can spend time doing what you do best?

Content is powerful. 

It has the ability to attract an ideal client and convert them into your client. Content is designed to be the “hello” that takes your prospect from the “first date” to a “marriage that transcends time.” However, if your content plan is too conventional, if it lacks structure, or if it isn’t forward-thinking, most of your readers will pass you by... 

When working with startups,  we will focus on online content that brings you to the top of search engines. In order to increase visibility, we will create SEO-friendly, in-depth content that establishes you as an industry leader.

As a professional copywriter for nearly a decade, I’ve written for small to medium-sized enterprises, startups, and nonprofits in all industries. From sales letters, blogs, web pages, press releases, product descriptions and more, I will design and deliver content for your business that will increase your web and social presence, and ultimately convert more leads. 

For nonprofits and social enterprises, I help develop your overall content portfolio and strategies including email campaigns aimed at donors, emotive blog posts that tell your story, and letters for your board to send to donors and community partner that raise awareness for your organization.

Certified Direct Response Copywriter

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"I’m over the moon happy with the blog content you provided. Thank you very much! You totally hit the mark. "

Cindy May
, Cindy May Marketing (Nonprofits)

"I want to thank you for your amazing work. The blog received a lot of views today after I posted it. I referred you to my friend who publishes a magazine. He was so impressed with your writing. "

Mauricio Henderson

"Good evening. I showed the sales letter to the attorney and you received rave reviews. Thank you again."

Small Business Owner
Consumer Product Inventor


Some of my best clients are ad agencies. If your project is copy-driven (i.e. a website, brochure, landing page, or press release) you’ll probably save money by working directly with me. Typically, agencies have higher overhead. Plus, many agencies don’t have in-house copywriters, and the subcontract it to an independent copywriter.

I have written thousands of pieces of content. In addition, I bring marketing expertise and business acumen to draw on as a benefit to my clients. I’ve written for hundreds of companies and helped them get results, and am confident I can get results for you. Plus, I’m a published author, including a book on marketing that has been endorsed by Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank and an ex-Disney executive, among others.

I work with marketing agencies and directly with companies. Areas of expertise include real estate, nonprofits, social impact businesses, tech startups, fashion, and more.

I write all types of copy for online and offline marketing initiatives. If you don’t yet have a marketing plan, I can assist you with that as well.

Each quote is priced accordingly based on the scope of work you request. I can assure you my prices are competitive for a quality job. You are paying for experience and results. Good copywriting will give you an ROI, not be an expense in your budget.

Of course.  Once I understand the scope of work,  I’ll provide a quote and a timeline for completion before work begins. Keep in mind the quoted timeline assumes you are ready to begin immediately, as it’s based on current workload.

For new clients I require payment in advance via PayPal. Once payment is received, I’ll begin scope of work and deliver on or before promised due date. Ongoing clients (clients who have been with me 6 months or more) are billed after the work is delivered and are required to pay within 3 days of receiving invoice. If other arrangements are necessary based upon your company guidelines, please discuss with me. Chances are we can work out a mutually agreeable arrangement.

Over 25 years of experience as a small business owner like you. I draw on my business acumen and marketing expertise to complete your project. Also, I have been recognized as an international public speaker and author delivering presentations on marketing and strategy, as well as receiving celebrity and executive endorsements for the quality and value of the work I provide. 

Throughout the years, I’ve worked with more than 200 small businesses, startups, and nonprofits to develop a sustainable business model and effective marketing strategy.

Yes. I have many clients who choose to establish a long-term relationship.

National and international clients work with me. Although we can’t meet in person, we can communicate via email or a virtual meeting.

I recap our conversation via email. This is a good way for us both to ensure that we have the same expectations and written documentation on the agreement.

It will be sent via Google docs. If it needs to be placed into a brochure, onto a product label, or into a website, your designer/developer will handle that function.

Usually I come pretty close to delivering what the client asks for. However, edits after delivery can be done for an additional fee. Any edits that are minor, defined as 15 minutes or less, are not charged an additional fee.

Yes! Content is king. Search algorithms depend on strong content. Without content your keywords can’t be found; therefore, traffic will not be driven to your site.

You own the copy. And, I highly recommend you re-purpose the content by using it in a variety of marketing collateral. This will allow you to get the best return on your investment.


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