3 C's of Marketing

There are 3 C's of Marketing, which are key to your messaging. Without an understanding of the 3 C's, it is difficult to have content that is effective. 
First, we have the "company". Your company has a brand, an image, and a voice. Staying true to these characteristics of your company creates a congruent message in the minds of your customers, our second "C". 
Customers need to know you are solving the need they have, and what the solution is you are providing. If there is confusion in the mind of your customer about what you do or who you serve, they are likely to look elsewhere for the solution.
Finally, it's important to acknowledge the third "C", your "competition". What does your competition have to do with marketing? Without knowing what your competitors offer, it's hard to create a message that separates you from your competitors. Crafting a unique value proposition ensures that you offer something different to your customers, and your company...
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