Y Combinator Not An Option For Your Startup?

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2020

Y Combinator is seen as the “premier” accelerator; however, not every startup founder is well-suited for the program. Here are three factors to consider to determine if Y Combinator is right for you:

  1. Y Combinator may not be right for you if…….you haven’t tested and validated your business model enough yet. There may be “holes” and “blindspots” to your business model. Working with a coach can help you discover these and create a scalable business model.
  2. Y Combinator may not be right for you if…...you can’t relocate to Silicon Valley for 3 months. That’s right, your founders, executive team, and families have to sacrifice by leaving your home community for an intense three month cohort.
  3. Y Combinator may not be right for you if…...you aren’t yet “investable”. What does that mean? You don’t have revenue streams or customer relationships figured out yet. Working with a coach to vet each area of the business model canvas can help.


If any of these reasons keep you from applying to Y Combinator or another accelerator, perhaps working with a startup coach is the right answer for you. 

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