Six Questions To Ask a Copywriter Before a Long-Term Contract

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

Hiring a copywriter can change the game for your marketing initiatives. A professional writer can help you craft SEO-winning strategies for your site, create compelling press releases and brochures for your brand, and encourage you to do more with your marketing by handling all the time-consuming work. However, finding a quality writer that fits your company needs is not as easy as it sounds.

While there are thousands of writers available, few will provide the right pricing, quality, and consistency. Those with more experience will be able to promise better results, however they will come with higher rates. No matter what you want to do with your content marketing strategy, you need to find the right writer who can tackle the challenge and help your company grow.

Before you sign on the first copywriter you find, schedule an interview to learn more about their experience and services. To help you prepare, below are some questions you should ask the potential writer:

Why should I hire a freelance copywriter instead of a digital marketing firm or ad agency?

If you’re looking to boost your content marketing results, you’ve likely thought about going through a digital marketing agency rather than hiring an individual contractor. While this may seem like the easy solution, you’ll actually be spending much more for content you won’t have much control over. Many ad agencies simply subcontract to a copywriter anyway, so you can cut out the middleman and hire your own directly that you know and trust.

Why should I hire you vs. another copywriter?

Asking this question directly will give the potential hire the opportunity to talk about their experience and specialties. Look for someone with:

  • Client and agency references

  • Experience in your field or in general business and marketing

  • Someone who has been published on other platforms

  • Published author or blog creator a plus

What services do you provide?

No two copywriters are alike, and many specialize in one industry or content medium. Some are pros at online content, while others write full-length books and biographies for influential people. You will also want to find out what other marketing services they provide, such as social media campaigning, consulting, PR work, or other areas you may need help.

What are your rates?

Copywriters all charge slightly differently. Some charge per project, while others offer package deals that include content for an entire content marketing campaign. You want someone who is affordable, but don’t hire the cheapest and expect SEO-winning results. As with all business services, you get what you pay for. Always ask for a quote before signing a contract.

What are your terms?

Most copywriters are freelancers, and therefore create their own contract terms. While these may sometimes be negotiable, copywriters like to stay consistent with their clients not only to provide an equal service but to keep their own schedules manageable. Find out the exact terms of any contract with the copywriter before choosing them. Questions can include:

  • When is payment due?

  • When will I receive my copy?

  • Who owns the copy once it is delivered? Do you require attribution?

  • How do I pay you?

  • How will I receive my finished copy?

  • Do you offer preferred pricing/special terms for ongoing clients?

What happens if I don’t like the first draft?

Even if you choose an excellent copywriter, sometimes your styles won’t mesh, or you’ll have a different vision for the piece than what is delivered. Discuss with your copywriter their policy on rewrites and editing. If you do receive a piece that you’re not fully satisfied with, be vocal about what you like and don’t like. It will help you both maintain a good relationship.

Asking these questions will help you create a strong working relationship with your copywriter before the first project begins. If you’d like to learn a little more about my copywriting services, visit my FAQ page or contact me to schedule a consultation.


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