The Disease of Business Ownership

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

Prospects contact me daily to inquire about coaching them to grow their business. The problem is they don’t know what the problem is. Oh, they think they do, but they don’t! 

One prospect who became a client came to me and said her team was the problem and she had to fire someone on the team and reallocate job duties. After several coaching sessions, this problem was only the tip of the iceberg. A larger and more glaring symptom was lack of revenue. After digging deep with this client, we discovered this symptom was caused by a disease found in the sales cycle.

Another prospect called to ask what he needed to do to make his new store successful; he hadn’t opened the doors yet, but had filed all his paperwork. I asked discovery questions about his demographics, startup capital, history of the business and more. The problem wasn’t that he was a first time business owner wondering how to open the doors on Day #1. The problems were multi-faceted like an onion, and as we peeled back the layers for 30 minutes, the first challenge was to find a solution to getting inventory to open the doors, given that he had poor credit and little capital. 

As an entrepreneur, you have blind spots. How do I know? Because I do! 

You see, I’ve owned businesses since 1989. Today I have two business coaches I lean on, invest in, and use to uncover my blindspots. In 2000 when I thought I was “smart, competent, and knew how to run a business after a decade of mild success” I didn’t need a coach. And, guess what? That’s when you risk falling into the category of 85% of business owners who crash and burn within 2 years!

If you are an entrepreneur and you call me to discuss your problem, or read my website to see what problem I solve and how I can help you succeed, you may not see your actual problem listed. The problem I solve is getting to the disease, not the symptoms causing you pain. Through a process of coaching calls, probing questions, and examining the six pillars of your business, and refining your business plan (which should be a living, breathing, written document), we will address the disease in your business. Once addressed the symptoms will stop plaguing you and you can move forward in health and vitality to increased revenue, engaged employees, and sustainable growth.


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