Didn’t Get Accepted to Y Combinator, Now What?

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2020

Y Combinator accepts less than 10% of its applicants for each cohort. Being that it’s competitive and your company has to be ready for seed stage investing, what can you do if you are rejected for this cohort? 


First, let’s realize that there are a few reasons you may not have been chosen. 


  1. Your startup may not be investment worthy. What reasons wouldn’t you be investment worthy? Although there could be many other reasons, some include:
  • A startup that isn’t “scalable”
  • An untested business model
  • A business model that wasn’t well thought out
  1. A bad pitch can also eliminate you from the cohort. Investors spend their days hearing pitch after pitch. Yours must stand out in some way to be memorable and worthy of backing.
  2. Finally, your team must be strong, believable, and experienced. If investors don’t believe in your team, it’s unlikely they will provide seed capital for you.


If your founders believe all three of these are investable, perhaps the reason they rejected your application was simply because 9 out of 10 don’t get accepted into the cohort.


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